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NAPS: NAncay Preprocessing Software (written by Patrice Renaud)

NRT autocorrelator data reduction, calibration, exportation in SIR and FITS formats. (Document prepared by Jean-Michel Martin & Pierre Colom (V1.0 2002/01/10 - LaTeX 27-FEB-2002)

This document is based on the on-line NAPS help file, written by P. Renaud. A manual (in french) is located in the folder /home/renaud/naps/works :

    naps_userguide.doc   (Feb. 2007 version)
    naps_userguide.pdf   (    "       "    )

  • NAPS Cookbook
  • NAPS summary of commands

  • P. Colom, J-M. Martin - February 2002
    P. Colom - March 2008