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Suppress cycles/banks

-- SUP CYCLE      (shortcut SUPC) suppress cycles
                  SUP CYCLE 2-3 4,batt=4
                  SUPC 2-3 4,0,0,4
-- SET CLIP       Sets a limit for the cycles'Tsys.
                  SET CLIP 100              (for all banks)
                  SET CLIP 100 150 100 200  (for each bank)
-- ENA/DISA CLIP  Enables/disables the CLIPping
-- SET WIN        Sets a Tsys window, in order to reject cycles
                  in units of rms (rms of the cycle's Tsys)
                  SET WIN -2 2
                  The CLIP action is done berfore the WIN rejection.
-- ENA/DISA WIN   Enables/disables the WINdow-based selection.

P. Colom, J-M. Martin - February 2002