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2D Data display and processing

(2D time frequency display of each correlator bank.)

-- DISP MODE=1    Displays all cal. and acquisition integrations
-- DISP MODE=2    Displays the acquisition integrations and marks the
                     channels which show radio interferences
-- DISP MODE=3    Displays the acquisition integrations using an ON-OFF
                     algorithm (cleans the 'OFF' which is substracted to
                     each integration) 
-- DISP MODE=4    Same, displays a cleaned ON-OFF spectrum and the percentage
                     of removed data for each channel.
-- DISP MODE=5    Displays all cycles after ON-OFF arithmetics.
                  DISP MODE=1, BATT=1
-- ENA/DISA CLR   Enables/disables the RFI detection algorithm
-- INTE2D         Same as command INTE, with RFI cleaning algorithm working
                     in each cycle
-- SAVE2D         Same as command SAVE, with RFI cleaning algorithm working
                     in each cycle
-- SET YPR        Curve min and max fixed, below each 2D image

P. Colom, J-M. Martin - February 2002