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Data visualisation (1D)

-- SHOW CYCLE     Displays one cycle (from one to all correlator banks)
                  SHOW CYCLE 1
                  SHOW CYCLE 1-10       (use NEXT to display the cycles 2-10)
                  SHOW CYCLE 2, BATT=3  (third correlator bank -- BATTerie 
                     in french)
-- NEXT           Displays the next cycle
-- SHOW SPECTRE   Displays the integrations (elementary spectra)
                  SHOW SPECTRE CYCLE=1, PHASE=2, INTE=3
                  SHSPEC 1,2,3   (shortcut)
-- SHOW FILTRE    Displays the broad band filter data
                  SHOW FILTRE 1   (all filters, CYCLE 1)
                  SHOW FILTRE 1,4 (filter number 4, CYCLE 1)
-- SET X          Sets the units for the abscissa axis
                  Arguments are : CHAN (channels)
                                  FREQ (frequencies)
                                  VEL  (velocity)
                  SET X VEL
-- ENA VISU, DISA VISU  enables or disables the graphic display
-- ENA WNEW       a new graphic window is created for each plot
-- DISA WNEW      disables the WNEW mode 
-- SET PSYM       selects the symbol used for the plots
-- PLOT           writes the plot in a POSTSCRIPT file

P. Colom, J-M. Martin - February 2002