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SCAN (observation number == raw data files) selection

-- LIST SCAN      Lists the available scan numbers
-- SET DUIC       Selects the user ID of the scans to be processed
                  SET DUIC 171
-- SET SCAN       Selects the scan numbers to be processed
                  SET SCAN 10210 11222-11320
                  SET SCAN *
-- SET SOU,  SET COMP,  SET REF  selects the phase numbers for the
                  ON, OFF and REFERENCE phases. 
                  (ON-OFF)/OFF is calculated for each cycle.
                  after SET NOREF, NAPS calculates only (ON-OFF)
                   for each cycle.
                  after SET NOSOU (and SET NOREF), the OFF phase is
                   kept for each cycle.
-- SHOW SESSION   Shows session parameters
-- SET DIRDATA, SET DIRSIR, SET DIRFITS   selects working directories
                  SET DIRDATA /data1/guest3  
                  SET DIRDATA /data2/calib   (for raw test or cal. data)
-- SHOW SESSION   Shows session parameters

P. Colom, J-M. Martin - February 2002