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NAPS can work with script files. The script file names must include the 
extension .naps.
-- CALL myscriptfile
-- SET IDENT      Changes the default NAPS identification of the final
                     result file (for SIR format outputs only)
-- ENA/DISA CAL   Enables/disables the K-Jy calibration.
-- ENA/DISA EFFI  Takes into account (def.) or not the radiotelescope
                     efficiency variation on declination in the calibra
                     tion calculus.
-- DISA EFFI      
-- ENA/DISA TABCAL Prints the attenuation and Noise Diode values used
                     by PROC SCAN
-- ENA/DISA RHO   Prints the rho(0) (first point of the autocorrelation
                     function) values used by PROC SCAN.
-- DUMP FREQ      Prints the receiver's frequency setups.
-- ENA/DISA FREQ  Writes in addition the spectra with FREQuency axis
                  (usefull for SIR format outputs) in the same SIR
                  result files.
Example of a .configdep file. (one line only !)
/data1/theureau/TEST/ /usr/users/martin/jmm/sir/resultat/def/ 
/usr/users/martin/sir/sorties/ /ps /ps /usr/users/martin/jmm/fitsdata/

This file can be edited with a standard editor, or with the FIP tool.

P. Colom, J-M. Martin - February 2002