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NAPS - NAncay Preprocessing Software (Patrice Renaud)

Data reduction, calibration, exportation in SIR format, also in FITS format.

As in pan, you will find an on-line help (in french - type help). An english translation of this help will be available on the Nancay web site. A manual (in french, version July 2000) can be found on /usr/users/renaud/naps/distribute on nanrt5 :


NAPS can read and process fil and nco files. A few commands are following:

NAPS> set scan 23956           ! defines current scan; reads data file header
NAPS> show cycle 1             ! your observation is divided in N identical
                               ! cycles, focal carriage position apart
NAPS> sup cycle 1              ! suppression of cycle 1
NAPS> disp mode=1              ! example of 2D display of the whole scan
NAPS> inte                     ! integrate your N cycles
NAPS> save                     ! = inte + writes in SIR (FITS) format
NAPS> set result fits          ! next save will produce FITS format
NAPS is based on the RSI IDL language, and is installed on the Meudon computers ( It is possible to install this IDL package on local computers (unix, IDL5.4 or higher).

J-M. Martin & P. Colom