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file management

The first thing to do is to setup the user files needed to work properly with naps and sir. Normally you should perform the 2 following steps:

$ fip ! tool to setup files and directories (Laurence Alsac)

  1. click on setup (setup window opens automatically at the first time)
    - choose your directory (a default is proposed).
    - a "groupe de resultats" is a directory containing your data in SIR format
    - your file will have a name like R000001.res (the original scan number is kept in the header file); it is created each time you make a "save" in NAPS.
  2. menu "fichier": "sauver dans .configdep", then "quitter".
    An initialisation file is created: .configdep. This file is used by NAPS and by SIR. The directories and files needed by NAPS and SIR are created automatically.

DONT PANIC ! ! In principle, this has been done, so you already have the folder:

/usr/users/guesti/sir which contains `groupe1' (for SIR format files) and `sorties' (graphic and text outputs).

The fits format directory, used by NAPS (and CLASS), must be created manually:
mkdir /usr/users/guesti/fits

Of course you can run fip again, or modify your .configdep file.

J-M. Martin & P. Colom