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PAN - Préparer A Nançay: Prepare At Nancay)

Pan has been designed (by Ismael Cognard) to build your source list, and the telescope observing setup.
$ pan
pan> help

..... concerning source (records) management:
pan> creasou !to create your source
pan> duplisou !to duplicate your source
pan> loadsou !to load a source; allows you to modify
pan> modisou !to modify the source
pan> listsou (short: lss)!produces a list
pan> dumpsou (short: ds) !to print out your source (see help dumpsou)
pan> otrisou numero 1 20 ascensionDroite ! list of source records
number 1 to 20, sorted by R.A., written in the file trisou.out

..... concerning telescope setup:
Since this part is the most difficult to handle, we will certainly help you. It is possible to duplicate a map from an uic toward another one, if authorization is given (please contact the staff, see below).

pan> creamap ! to create the "map" of the telescope
pan> duplimap, etc...
pan> exit

J-M. Martin & P. Colom