CFITS  cookbook                P.Colom    November 24, 1997
                                   J.M.Martin January 13, 2004

CFITS is a tool that permits format translation between FITS format and CLASS
format. It is part of the GILDAS package.

1) to export a CLASS file toward FITS format.
 CFITS> file in toto.30m          ! toto.30m is a CLASS binary file
 CFITS> find/all                  ! find all spectra
 CFITS> get f                     ! get first spectrum
 CFITS> fits\write toto.fits      ! writes in FITS format (in toto.fits)

2) to import a FITS file toward CLASS format.
 CFITS> read toto.fits            ! reads a FITS format file
 CFITS> file out toto.30m new     ! creates a new CLASS file (empty)
 CFITS> las\write                 ! writes in CLASS format (in toto.30m)

3) when there are many FITS files to import (all located in the same folder), 
 one should create a CFITS procedure with the following shell script:

echo "file out data.nrt new" >
ls -1 foldername | awk '$1 ~ /.fits/ {print "read",$1,"\nlas\\write"}'  >>
echo "" >>
chmod u+x 

1) in order to obtain a summary of the CFITS commands:
 CFITS> help fits\

2) There are a few commands that pertain to both LAS and CFITS. To distinguish
them, you must to precise the langage. Example:
 CFITS> las\write       ! to write in CLASS format
 CFITS> fits\write      ! to write in FITS format

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